It took 15 years of travels and vacations sold worldwide to realize the beauty and enormous potential of home country, Romania. Going around the world we met a lot of people that visited Romania and all of them spoke so passionate about their trips here and how amazing they found it. Some say we don’t always appreciate what we have. There is a Romanian proverb – the neighbor’s grass is always greener. Is it?

We are fascinated by the Incas, the Mayas, Romans, Persians, Maori, the Khmer Empire or Egypt, with its mysterious history flooded with magic and wisdom we can’t yet comprehend. But what about the Cucuteni Civilization, 2000 years older than the ancient Egypt, or Vadastra Culture, or Hamangia, Gumelnita, Vinca, Dudesti and many others? How about the oldest writing found until today, the Tartaria tablets, discovered in Transylvania in 1961? Did you see the life burst in the Danube Delta, the colorful smell of the peonies in late may in the only peony natural reservation in Europe, the water mills in Rudaria where people still grind the corn or the merry cemetery in Maramures?

We might not have the best infrastructure in the world, nor any real tourist information centers. Nor proper conditions in public transport. Or honest cab drivers. But all in all, minuses seem a baby whimper in comparison to the greatness awaiting. No need to worry, anyhow, that’s our business.

Take an offering country, add excellent services, map as many known, slightly known and unknown sights as possible, select the best accommodations, restaurants, events, sandy beaches, everything, put them together, shake, stir and promote it the best way possible. Sounds easy, right?

Project Romania is a travel program which aims to reveal the prodigiousness that stands behind the name so slandered nowadays. We want to put each of the 238.391 km² of magic at your service. We want to give you exactly what you need and a bit more. We want to give you the full Romanian experience on a silver platter. Whether you want to take your kids to the seaside, go on a romantic city break, practice yoga in a mystical energy spot, have the time of your life on your bachelor’s party or have a balneary treatment for your arthritis, we commit to offer you the best.

Tourists, guides, marketing specialists, legal advisers, realtors, ecologists, hotel owners, designers, programmers, moms and dads, friends and foes, and a petrochemical engineer. Project Romania came through thanks to many great fellows, specialized in different domains, who share the same belief that Romania is so beautiful that it would be a loss for all the travelers out there not to get to explore it. We all believe this country has so much to offer, so many gorgeous places, rich history, friendly people, preserved jewels of the bygone past, romance, freedom, freshness, wisdom, talent and hope, the perfect blend between old and new. It was hard but also rewarding, so thank you friends for putting your shoulder to the wheel, we are proud of what we have accomplished. Let the adventure begin!
*We added here just a few of our team members, to follow the layout. Ladies first.

⇒ 24/7 assistance number that you can dial whenever you need any kind of help while on the Romanian territory;
⇒ an entire collection of articles and reviews covering everything from sights to hotels, events, food, cities, etc.;
⇒ youtube videos uploaded by random travelers that are not our clients;
⇒ photo galleries;
⇒ useful information to help you around;
⇒ IN PROGRESS: calendar with most important events: festivals, concerts, marathons, conferences, etc.;
⇒ IN PROGRESS: online community where you can share your trips;
⇒ IN PROGRESS: interactive map with mountain trails and important sights;

Quality – Everything is designed with great care. Each place entertained, accommodated or fed at least one of our team members.
Passion – All roads lead to a spectacular place and we commit to make your stay here as interesting and rewarding as possible. Out of passion for our country.
Diversity – We believe Romania is the perfect destination for any kind of traveler, that will satisfy anyone, regardless how active, demanding or picky you are.
Respect for our clients – 24/7 support. If you have a problem while traveling here, call us. And all of the above.
Respect for mother nature – last but not least. A percentage of our income goes to organizations who conduct environmental projects.